Why your Business Needs a Mobile Experiance


Las Vegas, NV (January 04, 2014) – Mobile Apps, an important cog in the digital marketing wheel, has witnessed a phenomenal growth in recent years. In fact, Mobile Apps present a win-win situation to both business owners and customers. Being always visible on the home screen of their phones, Mobile Apps are the most effective way for business owners to reach out to customers. They are most cost-competitive too.

Business can benefit in many ways: direct contact with customers; connecting with on-the-go consumers; building relationships and loyalty; reinforcing brand; increasing visibility, exposure and accessibility; generating repeat business; leveraging power of social networking, etc. Benefits for customers can be several as well: easy access to the company’s inventory; notifications of special events, launches, etc; one-touch access to contact information; free one-on-one chat; etc.

Look at this figure: 40% of Americans use apps to book travel. Big businesses like Amazon, eBay, Target and Gap started promoting their brands and merchandise on Mobile Apps a few years ago. A host of other industries have also jumped on to the App bandwagon.

All this explains why hotels worldwide too have ridden this new wave of business communication/promotion/marketing/branding in the past few years.

Some benefits a hotelier can derive from apps are: technology saving time and keeping records well organised; keeping the business right in front of them on an always visible/accessible single-click item; offering guests convenience, time-saving; helping check availability, book, reserve a table – all fast and at ease; giving guests the ease/speed of making payments and from anywhere; visibility on a map and via photographs; sending special offers/coupons instantly, bringing repeat business; brand and image building, etc.

Your app landing page may have your logo and an inviting photo in a pleasant holiday setting, all keeping in mind that guests are accessing the app on a small screen.

On the Android app home page of Sheraton’s hotel and resorts, guests can one-click dial and book a room; they can get to the hotel directory and manage reservations. Marriot’s app has a large ‘book now’ button – a call to action. Intercontinental Hotel Group’s app uses the map to great effect. There are a whole lot of things you as a hotel owner can do with a Mobile App that will benefit your business as well as your guests. Examples of how top-class hotels/hotel chains are leveraging Mobile Apps are aplenty. Why you stay behind!

About National Hotels Association

National Hotels Association, Inc is a full service travel management company established to meet the needs and expectations of its clients by providing exceptional customer service, competitive rates and cutting-edge technology for professional and personal functions. For more information please visit http://www.nhamobile.com

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